Sell your textbooks for up to 50%, we'll buy back thousands of books.
Bring your U card and textbooks to the U of U Campus Store course materials area upstairs and we’ll help you get cash for your books!
Only available during select dates shown below.

Upcoming Retail Buyback Dates & Hours





Fall 2023 Main Campus Store
Dec 4th, Monday - Dec 16th, Saturday
General Store Hours
Spring 2024 Main Campus Store
April 15th, Monday - May 4th, Saturday
General Store Hours



School Textbooks are eligible for buyback. We'll check the prices of all your textbooks, even books from past semesters. The University of Utah reserves the right to determine which items qualify for buyback. Books must be in good condition based on our assessment. Limit 1 copy per title per student.

The following are not eligible:

  • Damaged books, such as books with missing or torn pages or covers, books with stains or water damage, books with broken bindings
  • International editions, instructor's annotated or review copies, library copies, digital versions, loose leaf (binder-ready) editions, and customer editions for universities other than The University of Utah
  • Also excluded are:
    • Class notes or course packs
    • Components or parts of sets, such as CDs or access codes
    • Workbooks, study guides, and solution manuals
    • Non-required study aids such as Barcharts, 501 Verb Title, and Dictionaries
    • Any supply items, such as lab goggles

The Campus Store makes every effort to get you the highest possible price for your used books. We offer up to 50% retail value. Textbook buyback operates on a first-come first serve basis, so bring your books back early to get the best price.

The following affects your buyback price:

  • Book condition
  • If the course instructor notified the Campus Store that the textbook will be reused
  • If the instructor decided NOT to us the book again or has not submitted “Textbook Adoptions” indicating that it will be used
  • If the Campus Store has already purchased a sufficient quantity to meet the projected need for next semester
  • If the textbook has been published in an updated version
  • Ask your professor if you REALLY need the newest edition. Reusing older editions means more cheap used books.
  • Ask your professor if they have submitted their “Textbook Adoptions”. We rely on timely submission of required and recommended textbook information from faculty to order more used books on time and avoid last minute shipping and fees.
  • Buy and sell your textbooks ON CAMPUS. When you buy and sell your books on campus, you're helping reduce the costs of your textbooks the following semester-just like the class in front of you helped you by selling their book on campus. Buy your textbooks in store and online at
  • Shop for your textbooks early! This gives you a better chance of getting USED and RENTAL versions of textbooks which can save you up to 60%
  • Sell your textbooks back as early as possible. The quantity of titles being bought back by the Campus Store is limited and can be reached at any time.
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