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AMA Style Guide Barchart

Quick reference for the writing style guidelines from the American Medical Association for the medical sciences community. The need-to-know essentials of the guidelines in 6 laminated pages, designed for quick access and durability. Topics covered include: Preparing an Article for Publishing Style & Usage Typographic Style Punctuation & Greek Letters Gene Symbols Virus Nomenclature Correct & Preferred Usage Redundant Words & Expressions Back-Formations & Jargon Anatomy Genus & Species Names Eponyms Measurement, Numbers & Visual Representations of Data Numbers & Numerals Units of Measure Visual Representations References General Rules for Reference Print Journals Print Books Special Print Materials Media References Suggested uses: Students – handy reference while writing papers where AMA is the required or suggested style Professors – require students to write in AMA Style to prepare for a future in the science or medical sciences field Authors/Editors – reference while writing or editing pieces to be published in the science or medical science fields

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