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Auditing Barchart

If you're in business or a business major, audits will happen. Business and accounting students or professionals involved in finances and accounting, often have a range of reactions to an audit. Our experienced author, professor and consultant Michael Griffin, MBA, CMA, CFM, ChFC details the auditing process in a streamlined bullet pointed 6-page laminated reference guide that provides a road map from start to finish with all stops in between. 6-page laminated guide includes: What is an Audit? Overall Objective of an Auditor Assertions Assurance Services Major Steps of an Audit Financial Statement Audit Generally Accepted Auditing Standards Auditor's Report Sample Auditor's Report Compilation Review Engagement Acceptance Understanding the Client/Entity & Its Environment Review of Litigation, Claims &Assessments Contingent Liabilities Related Party Transactions Internal Control Receipt of Cash from Customers Performing Audit Procedures & Evaluating Evidence Audit Sampling Analytical Procedures Ratio Analysis Internal Audit Use of Specialists in an Audit Auditing the Revenue (Sales) Cycle Auditing the Purchases & Cash Disbursements Cycle Other Processes Subject to Audit Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 (SOX 2002)

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