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Bio Lab Basics Barchart

The study of life, in all it's glory; animals and plants we see around us, the tiny organisms we can't see that affect us every day, and even the molecules which make up life. Learning biology, we ask questions about nature. Lab experiments are HOW we ask the questions. This guide shows how we ask questions in biology- what are the tools, terms, and major approaches scientists use to learn about the living world. It includes some of the major ideas biologists study, as well as descriptions of techniques and instruments used. This guide is intended for a high school or early college student, or anyone interested in understanding how biologists make the discoveries reported in the news daily. Lab Safety & First Aid Essential Methods & Tools Scientific Method Measurements Statistics Common Biology Lab Equipment Microscopy Essential Concepts Cell Structure Cell Transport Respiration Photosynthesis Enzyme Activity Organismal Diversity Mitosis Meiosis Molecular Genetics Mendelian Genetics Field Biology

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