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Cover Image For Staedtler Tripulus Micropencil (1.3mm)

Staedtler Tripulus Micropencil (1.3mm)

Professional pencils for school, college, office or the field. Features integrated side clips for a secure hold and extra-long twist-up eraser tops. An automatic pencil never needs sharpening! The lead-in Staedtler mechanical pencils are designed to reduce breakage, for uninterrupted drawing and writing. Refill and reuse for life. Comes pre-loaded with HB (#2) lead, and accepts any degree hardness 0. 7 mm lead refills. Unmatched versatility - Use as a test pencil, drafting pencil, sketching, and designing. It's the choice in the artists studio and construction shop. When the pros need precision, they turn to Staedtler. Or for students and just at home, Staedtler's mechanical pencils can do it all, and do it well

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